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With flexible businesses, innovative technologies and responsive networks, scaleable and replicable frameworks for sustainable food systems are possible.

Connecting different food system solutions and sharing resources to be applied across public and private sectors, will support our common interest to preserve land, reduce waste, campaign for food recovery, connect food to people, integrate living economies, and inspire successful entrepreneurship.

Wholecrops is creating a collaborative working group made up of interdisciplinary teams, from around the world, that can support each other in the design of a common food system framework driven by environmental justice and social change.

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The Fink Family Foundation
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Spora Social Consultancy
Maine Farm & Sea Coop
Fork Food Lab
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"Anytime we talk about interconnectedness we are implying that boundaries exist between whatever is being connected.

To more accurately view the world, one has to accept that, in reality, there are no boundaries, only wholes within wholes in a variety of patterns." Third Ediiton, Holistic Managemen: A commonsense revolution to restore our environment, by Allan Savory with Jody Butterfield.


Fork Food Lab

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